Just Added - Replacement Guitar Screws and upgrades to the website!

We have sold guitar screw sets on eBay since we first opened the doors, but for some reason we never got around to listing those same sets on our website.  Good news is that is finally done and at a huge discount too.  Those just needing just one part may still find eBay pricing works best, as that includes free shipping,  but if you need a couple different items, the website offers huge discounts for you all.

Floyd Rose Titanium parts (plain and Anodized finishes)

  • locking nut screws (also in black steel and stainless)

  • saddle Intonation hold screws (also in black steel and stainless)

  • String Lock screws

Ibanez Parts

  • Saddle Intonation hold screws (black and stainless)

  • Saddle Height Screws (black and stainless)

Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and similar

  • Saddle Height Screws (US #4-40 and Metric M3's)

Non Specific parts for all!

  • Tremolo Springs, both standard and Halo Series noiseless

  • Tone and Volume Capacitors

  • Sealed vials of Steve Vai's tears*.  Works great as string conditioner.

We still have more to add, but wanted to update all as soon as possible. 

Soon to be added list -

* It's a joke guys. Just like Chuck Norris, Steve Vai is an immortal and would gladly kick our asses for attempting such nonsense.  Our best luck so far was one tear that was almost captured from him while he was laughing uncontrollably at a comedy show.  Unfortunately he wiped it away before we could capitalize on it and we were left holding an empty vial trying to pull off a 'I'm not doing anything' look unsuccessfully..., and by comedy show, I really mean I was trying to play crossroads in front of him.
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