Atlas Fasteners - #10 x 2-1/2" Wood Ultimate Painted screw, Metal-to-Wood Self Tapping Roofing Screws

Color: Fox Gray - GY007
Package Quantity: 25
Sale price$5.65


Monster Bolts is an authorized dealer for Atlas Fasteners!

Appropriately named, the Wood Ultimate screw has no equals.  Lifetime warranty against Red Rust for the life of the building.  Innovative Aster Threads cut through hard woods and knots. Type 17 tip point penetrate metal quickly while minimizing surface chips.  High / Low threads enhance pullout values.

Diameter: #10
Thread Pitch:  14 (high / low with Aster Threads)
Length: 2-1/2"
Manufacturer, Product Line: Atlas Fasteners, Wood Ultimate
Drive: External Hex, 5/16"
Material, Plating: Steel, Zinc Plate (Zamak-5 Alloy cast head)
Type: Metal to Wood Roofing Screw, Self-tapping
Point Type: Type 17 with 26 degree sharp point
System of Measurement: Inch / US



Redesigned head for maximum compatibility with magnetic nut setter

Superior socket fit for more control

Wet paint application for consistent socket fit and weathering performance

High major threads enhance pullout values

The type-17 point helps to penetrate metal more quickly while minimizing chips

Head Design:


Zinc casting on head

Completely enveloping steel shank

Dekfast Multi-Seal Washer:

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