Atlas Fasteners - #10 Woodtite HLX High-Low Wood Screw, Self Tapping w/ Sealing Washer

Length: #10 x 1"
Package Quantity: 25
Sale price$1.71


Innovative Aster Threads cut through hard woods and knots. Type 17 tip point penetrate metal quickly while minimizing surface chips.  High / Low threads enhance pullout values.


  • Type-17 Point – Helps to quickly penetrate multiple layers of metal panels
  • Bonded sealing washer provides for positive sealing
  • Wet paint application for consistent socket fit and weathering performance
  • 26 degree pierce point
  • High Major Threads with Low Minor Threads for enhanced pullout values, and faster drill times
Diameter: #10
Thread Pitch:  14 (high / low with Aster Threads on 1st two full threads)
Length: 1-1/2"
Manufacturer, Product Line: Atlas Fasteners, Woodtite HLX
Drive: External Hex, 1/4"
Material, Plating: Steel, Zinc Plate with Oxyseal coating
Type: Metal to Wood Roofing Screw, Self-tapping
Point Type: Type 17 with 26 degree sharp point
System of Measurement: Inch / US

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