Sealed Electrical Connector types | Crimp, Solder or both?

Sealed Electrical Connector Types:

Electrical connectors come in three standard types that generally apply to the specific connectors and terminals used.

Crimp and Seal connectors, Solder and Seal Connectors and Crimp and Solder connectors.

  • Crimp and Seal connectors - Connectors are crimped with a standard
    crimp tool and sealed with a heat source like a portable butane hand torch.
  • Solder and Seal connectors - Connectors are heat sealed and solder is melted to connecting wires to provide a quality solder termination.
  • Sealed Crimp and Solder connectors - Combining both crimp and solder in one connector. Generally used in situations where there can be no margin for error with termination.

Monster Bolts product line: Monster BoltsKrimpaSealOptiSeal and MultiLink Connectors.

  • Sealed Butt connectors – Used for connecting two individual wires to make one continuous wire.
  • Sealed Ring terminals – Used to connect a wire to a connection point or stud. Each connector is measured in both wire size (gauge) used and stud size needed for the terminal.
  • Sealed Step-Down Butt connectors – Used for correctly mating two dissimilar gauge wires together. Can be used when connecting a wire up or down the next logical gauge wire (AWG) size.
  • Sealed Slip-On connectors (male / female) – Versatile connector that can be connected and disconnected with relative ease. Sized by both wire gauge and male / female connector size.

How Monster Bolts makes your electrical projects easier:

Krimpa-Seal products offer incredible pricing value while offering zero compromises to quality so you will have more money in your pocket. Krimpa-Seal are Crimp and Seal connectors.

MultiLink products are a sealed crimp and solder solution.

Clear OptiSeal connectors allow visual inspection prior to and after sealing to make sure optimal connection is achieved and repeatable.

Our Butt connectors are made from seamless tinned copper to prevent opening of the connector barrel after installation, so you won’t have to ‘fix’ the same project twice.

All ring terminals we sell are ‘long-neck’ ring connectors.  Long neck connectors allow correct termination without interference with heat shrink tubing and allow terminals to be ‘stacked’ without issue.  Our seams are brazed, not butted, to ensure best possible current flow and made from the highest quality tinned copper.

All our MultiLink solder products are RoHS compliant lead-free and are stamped ‘no lead’ on the tubing.  Our lead-free solder is stronger with a greater surface tension, is less runny and has a lower melting temperature for faster installs.  It also doesn’t contain any hazardous metals, so we won’t kill you either.  We greatly appreciate repeat business and killing our customers generally makes that much more difficult to do.

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