Metal Roofing screw best practices

TEK Screw installation best practices - Please Don't use impact drivers

     For large metal projects a metal roof screw gun is a life saver as it truly is the right tool for the job.  For smaller projects a cordless drill/diver will work just fine.  Ideal speed range for cordless drill will be under 2,500 rpm and a variable clutch is highly recommended.  You might find lower speeds helpful when drilling into thicker metal and when using Stainless Steel screws to lessen the heat generated from the drilling process and avoid ‘burning’ the self-drilling tip.  Use of a variable clutch makes it possible to achieve a consistent drive without over tightening.  This is doubly important in dealing with roofing screws as they need to be correctly tightened so the EPDM sealing washer is compressed without squeezing out of the sides.

     Monster Bolts is partial to Brighton-Best’s Proferred® TEK screws as they offer professional quality, reliable screws with a consistent high-quality finish without the premium price tag that is associated with products like this.  These screws are stamped ‘PFD’ on the heads so there is no mistaking them from knockoffs.  We also sell 410 Hardened Stainless Steel options that are perfect for projects that need screws that offer higher levels of protection from the elements and the environment.

     Lastly, use a correctly sized, high-quality, recessed magnetic nut driver and replace when needed.  Nothing is more frustrating that a low-quality magnetic driver that won’t hold your screws securely.  A typical nut driver will last anywhere from 2,000 – 5,000 screws, but that figure will vary greatly depending on the metal thickness you are driving into and your unique job conditions. 

     As compelling as it may seem, do not use an Impact Driver.  Impact Drivers are amazing for tons of projects, however in this case, they do more harm than good regarding metal panel and roof installation. Impact drivers can cause damage to the self-drilling points, break screws, chip the painted surfaces, strip threads and cause early corrosion to the screws themselves.  This was addressed by the National Frame Building Association (NAFB)*, Metal Construction Association (MCA)*, Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI)* and others including manufactures warning against using an Impact driver with TEK Self-Drilling or Self Tapping screws.

     To quickly sum up, use the correct drill, the correct drill speed, the right fastener and make sure to use a quality magnetic nut driver for your next project to make sure it goes smoothly.  


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