Sealed Electrical Connections

Items that require electricity to operate aren't just limited to dry, clean environments at specific altitudes. At Monster Bolts, we understand that when you need a sealed electrical connection, you need it to work in all types of environments, ranging from underwater to outer space. We're happy to provide our customers with a variety of connectors to produce the best hermetic seals and environmental seals in the industry. 

Hermetic Seals

This type of airtight seal is created to withstand especially high-pressure environments. You'll typically find them used in military design, as well as in offshore drilling and spacecraft. This type of seal usually utilizes epoxy, glass, or ceramic in order to make a seal that's compressed and also keeps out contaminants. If you need a sealed electrical connection in a high-pressure environment, a connector that has a hermetic seal is one way to do it, as it will keep out air and any contaminants that are in the air. Hermetic seals can also be used underwater, depending on the specific type of electrical connector that is used. If you need a hermetic seal that will stand the test of time, reach out to our skilled consultants to learn about the best sealed electrical connectors for the job. 

Environmental Seals

An environmental seal on a connector keeps environmental contaminants from getting into the connection around the connector. This type of seal is created to keep water, dust, air, and dirt out of your connection, and is present in a large number of sealed electrical connections. This type of seal may not need to be able to withstand as much pressure, but will still need to be able to keep out environmental contaminants. 

Choosing Your Seal 

As you select a connector, it's important to know how the connection in question will be being used and what type of environment it will be exposed to. Different connections and components are necessary, based on whether the machinery will be exposed to high pressure, dirt, dust, used underwater, and other variables. Monster Bolts is happy to help you determine the best connector for the application you'll need it for so that you can get the best protective seal possible. 

When you need an electrical seal that will keep out liquid, air, and debris, no matter the environment, trust our skilled professionals to help you find the right components. Contact us to tell us a bit about the job that you're working on, and we'll help you find the best possible parts to make everything work smoothly. We pride ourselves on our high tech components, high-quality connectors, and protective seals that will stand the test of time, no matter where they're utilized.

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