Holding Stuff Together

It's not always easy to hold stuff together, is it?

We know that sometimes it seems like everything is falling apart. If you get up and look around, and it seems like the wheels are falling off the shopping cart – you're not alone.

At least you can keep all of your physical stuff together with our high-quality fasteners. We put a lot of effort into bringing value to our customers so that the things that you make stay put together over time.

Best Metals

We work with the most effective alloys in making our screws and fastener products. For instance, titanium is a big buzzword in the industry right now, because this stuff is cutting-edge. Titanium products will stand the tests of time quite well, which is why we offer titanium and alloy screws for various projects according to what's on your to-do list. 

Practical Design

We also have a wide spectrum of screws and fastener products available, including star head, hex head, and other customized types of products.

This helps our customers to work with their existing tools and work processes to get the results they want. We've gone beyond the Phillips head screwdriver into a new world of geometry that broadens what our customers can put together. 

Crimping Connectors

Another one of our best-selling products is our electrical crimping connectors, with a waterproof design and the right interior build to accommodate the electrical joints that our customers need to be foolproof. Using these specialized connectors is an easy way to create the electrical networks that will power a home, office, or appliance, safely and effectively over time. 

All of these products have something in common – they're relatively small physical additions to a project, but they play a big role.

You may have heard the old saying:

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.

For want of a shoe, the horse was lost.

For want of a horse, the battle was lost…!


Don't lose your battles. Get connected with a company that knows how to source your joiners and fasteners to supercharge your production process. In the world of custom production, we have a monster presence. At Monster Bolts, we have the good humor and tenacity to help you to optimize your supply chain the right way. Call us and ask about specialized products, special offers, and quick and easy delivery. Then get to work!

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