Magnetic Setters and Drivers

At Monster Bolts, the leader in manufacturing and engineering, bare none, one of our products that we’re most proud of is our magnetic nut setters with the handy hex power shank design.


These little holders make it easy to keep hex head screws and bolts in place as they’re threaded into any kind of design. They’re also made of superior alloy, a great addition to anyone's toolbox, and an innovative way to improve how you build. You might even save some stress on your fingers!


Magnets - How Do They Work?


Magnets work on the principle of managing electrons in magnetic fields. The magnetic principle excites the electron activity, and physical items are either attracted or repelled according to the polarity of the magnets…


Okay, this is probably not stuff we need to explain here. You didn’t come here for a science lesson! Basically, magnetism is a powerful force. You may have heard of modern magnetic trains that can go hundreds of miles an hour. That’s fast!


Our particular application of high-grade magnets means that your little metal fasteners will stay in place long enough to be effectively joined to whatever you're working on. That’s a use, we’d say.


Why Hex Head?


In 1936, Henry Phillips got a patent for a new kind of screw. The Portland, Oregon entrepreneur had been sitting in the bathtub listening to his dog bark, when an epiphany hit him – I could make a fastener with a little X on the head, and you could turn it with a driver that’s also shaped like an X…! EUREKA!”


Disclaimer – this little bit of the story is made up by somebody we hired and pumped full of coffee. It's true, though, that Henry Phillips pioneered the Phillips screwdriver design, and it stayed popular for decades.


What a lot of people have found now, though, is that hex heads are a little more durable in that they're less likely to strip when being tightened and loosened. That little X can also get rusted out if you're working on an exterior project. That’s why we designed these holders with a hex – it’s not just because we love IKEA, even though we do. It’s a practical thing.


So our hex head fasteners and tools promote the newer trend in holding a screw or fastener by its outside edges, instead of trying to drive it from the middle in.


Seriously, we have one of the best catalogs in the business. Come to us for all your precision fasteners and electrical joiners and other kinds of gear. Get geared up!



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