Why Use Hex Bolts?

At Monster Bolts, we have all kinds of fasteners for your most challenging home and business projects.

In addition to all kinds of innovative wood screws, sheet metal screws and other fasteners, we have a variety of high-design hex bolts including fully threaded and partially threaded options.

Might you want to use these for your next project? It depends. Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

Why People Use Hex Bolts

One of the primary reasons that hex bolts are so popular for heavy duty interior or exterior use is their design.

For context, think about trying to hold things together using your traditional Phillips head wood screws with their relatively small attack surface and your trusty screwdriver.

Now imagine you're up on a ladder somewhere and it's 90 degrees, and you're sweating into your face. Suppose there are bees roaming around you with their stingers out, and you're trying to grab the stuff as quickly as possible and wrestle it into place. Importantly, too, suppose you are trying to hold the angle while you fasten.

In all of these cases, what you want is a surface that takes tool attack from various angles, and where it's relatively easy to get this fastener threaded into place…

Now do you see why hex bolts are so popular? Instead of wrestling with a tiny x, and often stripping the screw head in your frustration, you can grab onto the hex bolt and turn it confidently, just like you would turn lug nuts with a tire iron.

Hex Bolts - Durable Build

Hex bolts are also, in many ways, the workhorses of the fastener world. They do the tough jobs, and those are the jobs that they are built to do.

Look, these things are not likely to break or bend over time. The diameter of most hex bolts provides quite a bit of security, and with the right alloys and craftsmanship, these fasteners aren't going anywhere. That's why you see them installed on bridges and in various municipal projects where durability is a major concern, and the need for prevailing wage means planners are likely to spare no expense in materials.

That's our “this old house” moment for today. Take a look and get what you need for your next project. Ask us any questions that you have about how to hold stuff together (we don’t do counseling, but we DO do project advice!) – and bookmark us for an easy way to get the gear you need for the long haul.

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