M6 screw and bolt sizes for the more common ones we deal with. This will give information about the maximum screw head heights and head diameters as well as the driver size needed to install or remove them. If unfamiliar with DIN and ISO numbers, they can be thought of as exact fastener names for each specific screw and are usually given as either DIN or ISO (eg. DIN 912 or ISO 7380).M6 Screw and Bolt Size

Metric M6-1.0, Coarse Thread 


Head Height

Head Diameter Drive Size
M6 Hex Bolts (FT) 933 4017 4.15mm 11.05mm* 10mm
M6 Hex Bolts (PT) 931 4014 4.15mm 11.05mm* 10mm
M6 Socket Head Cap 912 4762 6mm 10.22mm 5mm
M6 Low Head Socket Cap 7984 N/A 4.0mm 10.0mm 4mm
M6 Button Head Cap 9427 7380 3.3mm 10.5mm 4mm
M6 Flat Head Socket Cap 7991 10642 3.72mm 13.44mm 4mm
M6 Phil '+' Flat Head 965   3.0mm 11.0mm #3 Phil
M6 Phil '+' Pan Head 7985 7045 4.75mm 12.0mm #3 Phil

All of these will take a matching M6 Nut and Washer
Note: PT / FT = Partial Thread / Full Thread

* 'Width Across Flats' measurement given

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