Get Two Drivers (or Three!)

See if you've ever experienced this before. You're trying to complete a project, and you go to the store to get fasteners. You decide you want a certain length of screws, and you don't have the right drivers for your drill.


You have a choice – you can buy one new driver for under a dollar and guard that thing with your life. If you drop it, you lost it, and you can't do any more until you go back to the store. Or you can buy two for under two dollars, and have a backup in case you're trying to level a post or get an emergency phone call, or just fumble in the tall grass and lose your initial driver.


Okay, you get the idea. That second little driver can be important.


Drivers New and Old


In the early days of screw-driving, there were just two choices – Flathead and Phillips.


Old heads in all kinds of trades, from plumbing to carpentry, know that we kept on this way for years and years. Your Flathead and Phillips drivers, whether manual or attached to a drill, were enough to do 90% of all different kinds of jobs.


Then a few years ago, suddenly, the types of drivers and heads that you would see at work proliferated like crazy.


Fixing a Problem


The initial idea was that you can avoid stripping screws by having different kinds of specific drivers in play.


You have your hex, star head, and square head drivers and screws. What all of these have in common is that the driver is seated better inside the screw head, so there's less slipping, thus less stripping, as you go.


The downside to this is that you have to have a battery of different drill heads to fit the screw heads.


But even if you were just dealing with Phillips, it's easy to lose those little buggers, and you're really back to square one, or stranded in high water. If sinking a couple hundred screws takes a half hour, and it takes a half hour to drive to the store to get an additional driver, you can see how having extra drivers on hand provides massive efficiencies for any project.


So buy several of these little things when you start out, and let us sweat the rest of the small stuff. We are pros at designing new screws and fasteners with excellent metals like titanium or different alloys, and providing what's best for a job well done. Check out our catalog at Monster Bolts!

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