What The Heck Is Titanium?

If you're not especially scientifically inclined, titanium might sound like something from a kid’s television show. The strong titanium warrior!


If you dig a little, though, you'll see that titanium is the element T-1 with an atomic number of 22. That's the definition in nerd-speak. You might have to pull out a map of the periodic table of elements and squint a little. Just don’t try to read your t-shirt upside down! You know – the t-shirt with the periodic table of elements on it. What? You don’t have one of those?


Anyway, if you're into building and construction, titanium is a strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant material. It can be alloyed with all kinds of other metals and coated for additional durability. Engineers love to look at all of these attractive options for changing how modern things are constructed.


In other words, people choose titanium for tools and fasteners because of its strength to weight ratio – when measured against something like galvanized steel, it's stronger and lighter weight. Then there's the resistance to oxidization, or in plain English, rust.


Uses of Titanium


Titanium is useful in screws and drill bits. It's useful in constructing the rims that make your car look cool. It's useful in creating hand tools, or high-class coverings or pieces for equipment or property exteriors. You could make a helmet out of titanium, but you probably don’t need to.


You can use titanium in a million ways, and here at Monster Bolts, we do use it in several key ways that give our customers more value in what they buy. We understand the value of titanium alloys, whether they’re created with common metals like aluminum, or esoteric materials like vanadium, which require our less technical friends to go back to the periodic table of elements and scratch their heads once again!


Check out our whole collection of fasteners and helpful items for building what you need to build – to achieve your engineering goals with high-quality small parts and custom runs. At Monster Bolts, “we know bolts.” We also know screws, nails, and various bits and pieces of your business processes that are fairly important. Don’t settle for second best! Spend some time browsing the site and the catalog, and you’ll see how linking up with a top-tier vendor can help you to build back better. Also don’t be afraid to ask us any questions. We’re here to help provide what you need for success.

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