Guitar Saddle Height Screw Guide

This article is an attempt to help guitarists find the correct bridge saddle height screws for their guitar. Due to Fender being…, well, very Fender-y, the rules below are not absolute. In their Fender’s own words, ‘On most’ is the great words of confidence we are left with to describe which screws fit which models. To get a bit closer to an absolute answer for you all, we have added the exact bridges that each screw fits.

The old adage, MIM and MIJ get metric M3’s, American Made get US #4-40’s is no longer correct as we now have some models getting a US fine thread #4-48.

This is a live document and will change as we get more information from our customers. Please bookmark for latest info we have.


US / Inch #4-40 (uses a 0.050” hex key)


  • USA Fender
  • (1986-2007) American and American Standard series Stratocaster (Strats) and Telecaster (Tele)
  • (1986-2007) American Deluxe Telecaster
  • American Vintage Series Stratocaster (AVRI) and Telecaster
  • American Deluxe Strats


  • MIM Fender Classic with bridge

0054619000 (005-4619-000) 

  • Vintage / Narrow Strat Tremolo

0992070000on most American Performer, Special and Highway 1 Stratocaster models (099-2070-000) 

  • American Series Stratocaster bridge:

0992050200 – (1986-2007) American and American Standard series Stratocaster models (099-2055-200, Gold)

0992050000 – (1986-2007) American and American Standard series Stratocaster models (099-2055-000, Chrome) 

  • American Vintage Series Stratocaster:

0992049000 – Chrome Tremolo Bridge (099-2049-000)

0992049200 – Gold Tremolo Bridge (099-2049-200) 

  • American Ultra Stratocaster Bridge:

0077092049 – (1986-present) on most American Deluxe/Elite and Ultra series Stratocaster models (007-7092-049) 

0994408000 – HiMass 4-String Bass bridge


US / Inch Fine Thread #4-48 (uses a 0.050” hex key)


  • 2008 and newer American Standard and American Professional Series Stratocasters


007-5091-049 Tremolo Bridge

  • American Professional Strat Bridge

0992004000on most American Professional, American Standard series Stratocaster models (2008-present) (099-2004-000)


Metric M3-0.50 (uses a M1.5 hex key)

Fender (MIM – Mexico), Fender (MIJ – Japan)

  • Deluxe Series 2-Point Tremolo
0992079000 – on most Player, Deluxe, Classic Player, and Vintera Modified Series Fender Stratocasters (099-2079-000) 
  • Fender Vintage-Style Standard Series Stratocaster Tremolo

0071014049 - Standard, Deluxe, Roadhouse, Lone Star, and Blacktop Stratocaster models manufactured from 2006-present (007-1014-049)  

0058274000 – Import Strat Hard Tail (005-8274-000)


US / Inch #6-32 (uses a 1/16” hex key) 

  • Bass – Fender American Special and Standard Bass

0990808000 - 3-Saddle Top-Load / String-Through Tele Bridge with Compensated Brass Bullet Saddles

PRS All Models with Stoptail / Adjustable Stoptail Bridge Screws




0994247049  (009-4247-049)

Mustang Fully-Adjustable guitar bridge (Japan)  (Should be a M3?)

0081239049 – Used on the Kurt Cobain Mustang® and Squier Vintage Modified Mustang


Standard Series Telecaster Bridge

0053354000 – For Standard Series Telecaster models (2004-present)


*Some older vintage (‘80’s era) Wilkinson bridges took a #4-40


#4-40 and #4-48 set screws use a 0.050” Allen wrench

#6-32 set screws us a 1/16” Allen wrench

M3 x 0.50 set screws use a 1.5mm Allen wrench.


US #4-40

PRS - PRS Patented Tremolo Models (Private Stock/Core) 


Metric M3

Ibanez, Wilkinson*, Hipshot, PRS Molded PRS Patented Tremolo Models (CE (2016 – present), S2 Series, SE Series): 



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