Rock On with Monster Bolts

Are you an aspiring guitarist? Or a grizzled pro who's been all over on the silver bus? Do you use Johnny Cash or Joe Satriani or David Gilmore as the muse for your chops? What’s your favorite guitar style, and how long have you been at it?

No matter what your answers are to these nosy questions, we have the specialized guitar parts that you need to fasten everything in place, to get the best action for your Fender or Strat, or some other of the lesser guitars that come with reduced price tags.

Types of Guitar Fasteners

We have saddle height screws for adjusting your guitar’s action. We also have locking nut screws, in case you’re a fan of the tremolo or moving bridge guitar style where your strings are likely to go out of tune every few minutes.

Or maybe you want some tremolo springs to balance the bridge. We have those, too.

If you’re a Guitar Hero kind of player, you’ll never need this stuff, but if you play an actual guitar, you probably will. We stock the custom parts that really support good guitar maintenance and better play as you show off your licks, whether it's at home or on the big stage.

Of course, it's up to you to bend those notes and work the arpeggio up and down the fretboard, but you're supported by the good design and engineering in your axe and the hardware that you use to maintain it. Quality makes a difference: just ask your local singer-songwriter as he or she is standing on stage between songs trying to get the strings tuned! Actually, maybe don’t. There’s a time and place for these questions. Take our word for it: gear is essential. You just can’t blow everyone’s socks off without it. Although you can try. 

We love guitars, and we have the goods to keep your guitar in great shape. That's just part of our wide catalog of fasteners, connectors, and precision parts that we offer to a diverse customer base. Whether it's titanium or some kind of special alloy that more resembles stainless steel, we have what you need for your projects, whether they’re industrial or musical in nature. We have drywall screws and electrical connectors, and hex and Philips heads, and all of the DIY items that will help you to get the job done, whatever that job turns out to be. Let’s talk!

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