SOLD - Full Set of Purple with Gold and Blue Splatter Anodized Titanium - For Floyd Rose

Sale price$150.00


Custom Splatter Finish - Titanium Guitar Screws for your Floyd Rose Tremolo! Fits Original Floyd Rose (OFR), Special, 1000 series and Ibanez Edge Tremolos!

- Screws shown are exact screws you will get

Custom Set of Purple screws with a Gold and Blue splatter Anodized  Titanium.  


  • 6 Intonation Screws

  • 3 Locking Nut Screws

  • 6 String Lock Screws (Screw length under head: 40mm)

Note: Only include screws. Photos showing tremolo and locking nut for screw examples.

Anodized finish is not  permanent, but will withstand years of abuse, or a lifetime of care.

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