Guitar Locking Nut and Saddle Intonation Screws, Green Anodized Titanium - Floyd Rose Tremolo

Guitar Setup: 6 string set
Sale price$25.00


Titanium Guitar Screws for your Floyd Rose Tremolo!

This is a new shade of green that we've added to our anodized Ti lineup!

Set of Green Anodized  Titanium Guitar Locking nut and Saddle Mounting Screws for setting the tremolo intonation. Includes Hex Keys.

  • 6 string set includes - 6 intonation screws and 3 locking nut screws (as photo shows)

  • 7 string set includes - 7 intonation screws and 4 locking nut screws.

Note: Only includes screws. Photos showing tremolo and locking nut for screw examples.

Anodized finish is not  permanent, but will withstand years of abuse, or a lifetime of care.

Also available in other materials and colors (black, stainless steel, plain Titanium, gold, blue, purple, and teal).

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