Guitar Saddle Intonation Screws, Grade 12.9 Steel - for Ibanez ZR Tremolo

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Guitar Saddle mounting screws for your Ibanez ZR Tremolo. These are used for mounting the saddle and adjusting the intonation. Heavy-Duty Grade 12.9 Alloy Steel.

Set of Black alloy Steel Guitar Tremolo Saddle Mounting Screws. Used for holding the saddle in place and setting the tremolo intonation.  - Both High and Low 'E' Saddle screws are shorter to match the tremolo profile.

- For Ibanez Edge Zero, Zero II and ZR Tremolos

These screws take a M2 Hex key to drive.  Highly recommend using a new hex key.

Photo of tremolo shows screw example, includes only screws.

Also available in other materials and colors (Stainless Steel, Titanium)

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