Stainless Steel Guitar Saddle Intonation Screws - for Ibanez ZR Tremolo

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Stainless Steel Guitar Saddle mounting screws for your Ibanez ZR Tremolo. These are used for mounting the saddle and adjusting the intonation.

Set of Stainless Steel Guitar Tremolo Saddle Mounting Screws. Used for holding the saddle in place and setting the tremolo intonation. - Both High and Low 'E' Saddle screws are shorter to match the tremolo profile.

- For Ibanez Edge Zero and ZR Tremolos

These screws take a M2 Hex key to drive. Highly recommend using a new hex key.

Photo of tremolo shows screw example, includes only screws.

Also available in other materials and colors (Steel w Black Oxide, Titanium)

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