Titanium M3 Guitar Saddle Bridge Height Screws Set, Set Screws with Flat Point

Size: M3 x 6mm - Short
Sale price$19.28


Titanium Saddle Height Screws. These are metric M3 in 6mm or 8mm lengths.

The set of 6mm & 8mm has 8 shorter (6mm) and 4 longer (8mm) screws as is shown in the photo.

These fit a variety of guitars. Please verify your guitar uses a Metric M3 screw before ordering.

  • Size: M3-0.50 x 6mm or M3-0.50 x 8mm
  • Diameter: M3
  • Thread Size: 0.50 - UNC / Coarse Thread (Standard)
  • Drive: M1.5 Hex Key
  • Type / Point: Socket Set Screw / Flat Point
  • System of Measurement: Metric
  • Material: Titanium
  • Specifications: DIN 916

For best results, adjust screws with strings loose to avoid putting unnecessary stress on the screw and hex keys.

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