String Lock Screws, Green Anodized Titanium - OFR Floyd Rose and Ibanez Edge Tremolos

Includes: 6 screw set
Sale price$30.50


Green Titanium String Lock Screws for your guitar. Fits Original Floyd Rose (OFR), Special, 1000 series and Ibanez Edge Tremolos!  

This is a new shade of green that we've added to our anodized Ti lineup!

Set of Green Anodized Titanium String Lock Screws for securing the string into your tremolo.  

Note: Please be sure to measure your original screws against the info below to make sure of correct sizing.

  • Total Screw Length under Head: 40mm

  • Total overall screw length: 44.3mm

Anodized finish is not  permanent, but will withstand years of abuse, or a lifetime of care.

Also available in other colors (plain titanium, gold, blue, purple, and teal).

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