Guitar Tone Control Capacitors - High Quality Polyester Film / Foil Capacitors

Capacitor Value: .01uF
Sale price$1.50


High Quality Polyester Film / Foil capacitors.   Tone Control Capacitors for Guitar.

Polyester  Capacitors are widely regarded as the ˜go to ™ capacitors for crystal clear harmonics, while still giving that warm tone guitarists live for.

Simple Soldering project for greatly improved tone! Works on any electric guitar with traditional pots (99.9% of guitars out there!!)

A brief excerpt from an  great article on Capacitor Values by Premier Guitar.   œA basic rule for tone caps is that the bigger the cap, the darker the tone. Depending on the cap ™s value (capacitance), the effect can reach from œslightly warmer  to a œwoman tone  all the way to œcompletely dark and clinically dead.  Remember, the tone cap is always part of the guitar circuit and it even influences the tone when the tone pot is fully opened. 

Capacitor Values below:

  • .01uF     ± 5%,  50V

  • .022uF   ± 5%,  50V

  • .033uF   ± 5%,  50V

  • .047uF   ± 10%,  50V

  • .068uF   ± 10%,  50V

  • .1uF   ± 5%,  50V

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