Clear V2.0 Halo Series - Next Gen Noiseless Guitar Tremolo Springs

Package Quantity: 3 Springs
Sale price$12.95


We took everything that worked in the original Halo noiseless spring and made it better. Only took us 10 years, but who's counting? Made it clear because we could and it looks fantastic too!

Why put up with spring noise from your guitar?? Professional musicians have been using many different unusual solutions to silence springs. We have  figured out a better way. We start with premium springs, and then using our system make them acoustically DEAD!

NOTE: The Halo series of springs is designed for non-floating tremolos (ie, blocked, decked, or set flat), or with tremolos equipped with a backstop, black box (Goeldo or Goldo) or tremsetter type unit.

photo Halo Series labratory test results.jpg

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