M8 Hex Bolts, Stainless Steel 18-8 (A2)

Length: M8 x 12mm
Package Quantity: 10
Sale price$2.97


M8-1.25 Stainless Steel Hex Cap Bolts / screws. Hex bolts are also known as hex cap screws, tap bolts or machine bolts. Hex bolts have an external hex head and drive with a socket. These bolts have machine threads for use with nuts or a tapped hole with same size and thread pitch.  

DIN 933 for full thread or DIN 931 for partial thread.

NOTE: PT = Partial Thread
  • Diameter: M8 / 8mm

  • Thread Size: 1.25 - Coarse (Standard) Thread

  • Length: Please select from menu above.

  • Wrench Size: 13mm

  • Type: Hex Cap Bolt /  Screw

  • Matching Nut & Washers: M8 - Available here

  • System of Measurement: Metric

  • Material: Stainless Steel Grade A2 / 18-8 / 304

  • Specifications: DIN 933 (full thread) / DIN 931 (partially threaded)

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