NSPA Krimpa-Seal Waterproof Crimp Long Neck Ring Terminals, Red 18-22 AWG

Ring Stud Size: #6 Stud
Package Quantity: 10
Sale price$3.46


Red crimp and seal ring terminal connectors.   These are waterproof* heat shrink NSPA Krimpa-Seal sealed adhesive-lined electrical connectors with a 'long neck'.   These are fully RoHS compliant. Made in the USA. There simply is no better product made.

  • Color :  Red
  • Wire Size : 22-18 AWG
  • Part # : KS116-06L, KS116-08L, KS116-10L
  • Product Name : SES Krimpa-Seal, Sealed Long Neck Ring Terminal Crimp Connector
  • Type :  Crimp and Seal with Heat Shrink Tubing
  • Seam Type :  Brazed


  1. Strip wire, wire length 5/16" (8mm)
  2. Insert wire into barrel  
  3. Crimp wire to barrel  
  4. Heat tubing  

For best results:  Use heat device of at least 1000 °F/538 °C. Don ™t overheat tubing. Don ™t isolate flame. Distribute heat evenly over tubing.  

NOTE :  Crimping tool and Heat Source to reduce tubing and seal connector needed.   Butane Torch and  Ratcheting  Crimp tool recommended.   Questions, Please ask.

*  There is no official UL Standard for 'waterproof' electrical connectors. Connectors would most likely fall in the IP67 range (IP - Ingress Protection, 6 - Totally protected against dust, 7 - Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m. Duration of test 30 minutes)

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