MonsterBolts Crimp and Seal waterproof Butt Splice Connectors, 16-14 AWG shown in blue

We like sealed butts, and we cannot lie! Butt splicing connectors come in handy when dealing with electrical wiring projects. While there are many times sealed butt connectors and sealed step-down butt connectors make a wiring job more manageable, it’s good to have a little background understanding of how these tools are used in electrical applications. 

The Purpose Of A Butt Splice Electrical Connector

Butt splice connectors connect electrical wires, providing a compression-type electrical connection between two opposing wire ends. Designed for specific applications, butt connectors connect multi-conductor cables from class B single-strand wires to multi-wire lines. Regardless of the wire connected, a butt splice connector intends to provide a seamless electrical connection.

How The Sealed Butt Connector Works

Sealed butt connectors ensure that an electrical current can pass safely from one wire to another in an end-to-end configuration or a ‘barrel splice.’ Easy and fast to install, sealed butt connectors offer very high connectivity that sustains the electrical current as it passes through it, which provides a solid connection.  

Using the correct size and color connector is critical in making a successful wire splice; just remember to disconnect the electrical current from the project you are wiring to avoid getting hurt. 

The Right Butt Splice Connector For The Job

Butt splicer connectors come in a host of material types and colors, each designated for specific purposes. Just as in any project, using the right tools is essential to a successful outcome. You need to use the correct connector for your project to ensure the electrical connection remains safe and that you don’t end up with damaged goods. 

Butt splice connectors are assigned a color code to indicate a range of wire gauges that they are capable of connecting, make sure you check your gauges and your numbers before moving forward with your wiring. 

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Butt Splice Connector

Sealed butt splice connectors are among the most efficient and effective electrical wire splicing tools on the market today. The butt splices your job will require will depend on the wire size, whether it’s single or multi-wire stranding, wiring material, and your specific installation factors. Depending on the application in which it is used, the butt splice connector provides safe and secure passage of electrical current that is dependable long-term. 

If you have reservations about working with electrical currents and wiring, we recommend consulting an electrician before tackling any wiring project. 


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