#12 Hardened Stainless Steel HWH w/ EPDM Sealing Washer, Self-Drilling TEK roofing screws

Length: #12-14 x 5/8"
Package Quantity: 100
Sale price$21.26


#12 Indent Hex Washer Head (HWH) UnSlotted Self-Drilling* sheet metal screws with EPDM sealing washers. These are made from 410 Hardened Stainless Steel (410 stainless steel is always magnetic)
Diameter:  #12 / 0.216"
Thread  Size:  14 TPI
Material: 410 Hardened Stainless Steel (Washer, EPDM)
Type:  Sheet Metal Screw, Self-Drilling w Bonded Sealing Washer, #3 point
System of Measurement:  Inch (Imperial / US)
Width Across Flats (AF):  5/16: (Hex Drive size)
Head Diam. (Max, Min):  Max 0.432", Min 0.398"
Head  Height (Max, Min):  Max 0.194", Min 0.161"
EPDM Washer Diameter:  5/8" (0.625")
Specifications:  ASME B18.6.3, IFI-113
*Self drilling through metal up to 0.150" or up to 12 Gauge sheet metal.   For best results, use high pressure, low speed to avoid wearing out the self-drilling tip.

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